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Don’t “like” me on Facebook, “like” me in real life

It has gotten to the point where you can’t watch a commercial, walk past a store or even open junk mail without seeing the words “Like us on Facebook”. What does that mean? It has become a mindless sentence said by everyone in an attempt to get some sort of social media score that says they are popular. So what do we do? We mindlessly click the “Like” button akin to the simple minded Alice drinking a mysterious liquid simply because it was labeled “Drink Me”. Does this mean we truly “like” these things? Are we doing a quid-pro-quo of “if you ‘like’ me then I will ‘like’ you”? More likely, the answer is no.

Facebook is not original or unique. It is the same as Myspace, Friendster and many of the other social networking sites. People are out there to do whatever they can to collect as many “likes” and “friends” on their website. They feel a false sense of belonging. But they don’t truly belong to many of those networks, they just have a digital connection to them through some database link. That is it. It isn’t Facebook, it is Fakebook.

So, that is why I say don’t “like” me on Facebook, “like” me in real life. Get out there and say “Hi”. You may never physically see me, but I am the person that you pass on the street, or at the bookstore, or at the beach. Quit pretending to like things in a feeble attempt to inflate your sense of self-worth. You are not valuable because of your 500+ “friends” on Facebook or followers on Twitter, you are valuable because you are a human. Get out there and share your worth.

So, if you want to trade your fake life for a real one. Try some real networking sites like http://www.meetup.com/ that allow you to go out there and make real friends and like real people. You will find it more enjoyable than reading posts on someone’s wall about what they ate today.